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Delivery: 2017, quarter 1

The Check your safety application aims to improve safety in building- and cleaning projects. The app will help employees do and document the mandatory security protocols (such as LMRA, TRA and RI & E). It is done in a simple, fast and efficient manner. This leads to a reduced number of accidents on the workplace. 

However, should an incident occur in the workplace, the user of the application can report the incident immediately. How? For example, by uploading photos, a description and the location of the incident. Check your safety app has solutions for any emergency. In the app, the user follows a roadmap of the appropriate coherent actions. What else? The app can determine the meaning of symbols, in case a user does not know what a symbol means in the working environment which is very efficient.

The solution is designed so that it can easily be converted to organisations' own corporate identity.

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