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Delivery: 2015, quarter 3

Daalder responds to the demand for a modern, fast and mobile payment system. With the Daalder app, retailers and consumers can pay for products and services via their mobile phone. Stores receive contactless and mobile payments directly, without the usual high transaction costs.

The concept of the Daalder app was developed in collaboration with DTT. The app is equipped with a friendly user interface, enhanced graphic designs and additional functionalities such as the ability to pay for parking.

The app also allows users to create a shared wallet to pay for a bill together. In addition, the user can see his or her transaction history and can quickly pay by using the QR-scanner. On top of that, Daalder shops and restaurants provide special offers for the app users.

Daalder payment app beschrijving



From the first contact we were very well supported by the DTT team. DTT suggests additional ideas and options for our native Android and iOS Daalder Payment app and responsive website. For our services a continuous process of improvement and adequate bug resolving is very important, DTT is always ready to diagnose problems and resolve them.

Romke de Vries, Technical director and co-founder

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