DTT AR Showcase overzicht
Delivery: 2019, quarter 4

The DTT AR Showcase is an in-house developed app to display potential clients of DTT the possibilities of Augmented Reality. Below an explanation of the features:

The user can make appear a Portal to a room. It is possible to walk through the room and observe the various objects. The room is inspired on the sleeping room of Vincent van Gogh and his paintings are viewable on the walls.

Line Drawer
With the Line Drawer, the user can draw in the air. The user can view lines within 100 metres distance.

Object Placer
With the object placer, the user can place 3D models on a surface. After the objects are placed, these can be moved, rotated and scaled.

AR Screenshot
The user can click the button to display his screen in the air, which results in a gallery from the surroundings of the user.

Plane Texture Picker
The Plane Texture Picker visualizes recognition points that are found by the camera in a particle system. The user can choose between several variances and visualize these.

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