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Delivery: 2019, quarter 1

Nowadays, freelancers are indispensable in the digital and creative sector. This competitive and dynamic world requires every freelancer to stand out and make the right connections. facilitates these needs and challenged DTT to develop a new online platform that responds to the demand for local findability of freelancers. Challenge accepted!

The Freelancer app brings supply and demand together. The concept is comparable to a market place for freelancers. With the app, freelancers can find assignments offered by clients, and clients can find suitable freelancers and link them to their own projects. A number of options at a glance:

  • Create an extensive and attractive profile to get in touch with the right contacts.
  • Find freelancers or assignments within your desired area.
  • Receive reviews to increase your chances and attractiveness on the market.
  • Expand your professional network and come into contact with other users by means of the team and chat functionality.
  • Upgrade your profile to Premium and make yourself easier to find among the other users.

If you want to know more, visit the Freelancer website.

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