ING Marketing Day app overzicht
In-house distribution
Delivery: 2013, quarter 4

DTT has developed a game app with a significant ‘fun factor’ to support the ING Marketing day. The app features several parts: the introductory round, the knowledge quiz, the marketing awards and the word game derived from the popular Dutch tv program "De slimste mens" (The smartest person). The knowledge quiz challenges teams to answer exiting and funny questions. Teams gain points by giving the correct answers. In the marketing awards part, teams have to complete several polls. Each part of the ING Marketing day app has a time limit, so teams have to be quick in their actions. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible within the limited time. These points, rankings and other relevant information are a 'live' insight into the organization of the ING Marketing day.

Winners are chosen in a democratical way - teams vote for the (pre) nominated ING marketing Tigers (specialists).

Visit the ING website for more information.

ING Marketing Day app beschrijving



"We would like to emphasize:

  • Young, enthusiastic, technical and professional employees
  • Quick feedback and good communication via phone / email 
  • Good at executing a concrete idea"
Stephan Swerissen, Formula Manager Savings and Investing

Success stories of the ING Marketing Day app:

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