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Delivery: 2018, quarter 2

Can one learn to play piano in an interactive way? With the Listen & Play concept now anyone can! The Listen & Play concept was born when people still walked with CD players. Composer Henk Wieman developed a way to learn music by listening to notes and pitches. By training the ear for music, his students learned to play self-composed music. Fun fact: playing notes is not Wieman's main goal. What is it then? The goal is to train hearing and enrich your musical abilities! In Western music culture we are accustomed to playing from note sheets. Wieman believes that the hearing should be leading.

Of course, the same concept in 2016 requires an app. In cooperation with Henk, the Listen & Play concept went on a next level. In this app, the user learns to play the piano at his own pace and level. As a first time visitor you choose your skill level. Based on this level, you will have exercises. The user can exercise on a "real" piano board. Virtual coaching obviously is an advantage. The user gets tips on: timing, keys, and notes. Would you rather try it yourself? That's possible! DTT expects to finish the game in the first quarter of the year 2018.  

Listen & Play away! 

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