Municipality of Medemblik beschrijving
Completion: 2019, quarter 2

DTT and the municipality of Medemblik have joined forces to create a PWA (Progressive Web App). The new PWA will enable the municipality of Medemblik to streamline their tender processes.

The PWA will digitize the tender processes for the municipality of Medemblik. It will also enable the start-form to be filled in on a step-by-step basis. The start-form has been divided into a variety of screens, such as:

  • Assignment description
  • Tender process
  • Existing contract
  • Merging and property
  • Gunning method
  • Intended agreement
  • Important information

Want to learn more on the municipality of Medemblik? View the website.





‘’DTT has helped us tremendously with shaping our (many) wishes and ideas to a supportive web-app for all our tender processes. Shaping legal requirements to a ‘simple’ and user-friendly tool for our buyers has definitely been a challenge. DTT has fulfilled this challenge extremely well. We are very pleased with the end result! DTT is definitely a recommendation to work with. They are open and transparent and very good in carrying out a concrete idea.’’

Minke Jellema, Purchasing advisor





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