NSI Parxx overzicht
Delivery: 2016, quarter 1

If you are able to simplify something for your customers, you ought to do it. NSI - a real estate company - must have remembered this wise thought. After DTT successfully developed not one, but even two landlords applications for NSI, it's time for number three: NSI Parxx.

NSI rents office premises to its customers. These buildings are used for different occasions, such as meetings, receptions and other events. NSI also rents equipment for the different occasions, such as flipcharts, parking or coffee package. Customers have a "ParkMobile" tag. This tag is scanned at the front desk, in this way it is easier to track costs.

Overall, ther is a clear booking and reservation system for customers as well as receptionists.

For additional information about NSI visit their website

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