Pirates & Privateers: Multiplay AR game overzicht
Delivery: 2019, quarter 2

At DTT we continuously challenge ourselves to keep up with the latest technological developments. In recent months we have been busy developing an in-house Augmented Reality (AR) Unity game, namely Pirates & Privateers. It is an immersive game that takes the user into the world of adventure, discovery and excitement. Piracy at it's finest in an ambiance of the 17th century.

Users can compete against each other in multiplayer mode either face to face or on a distance. They play on an AR water playground which activates when the phone camera is aimed at a marker. For high-end devices, a marker is not required. Aside from battling against opponnent, the user has to strategically deal with the crew on the ship during the game. The layout of the crew determines how fast you can shoot and how quickly you repair your ship. Do you prefer to play alone? The game has a single player mode where your opponent is a computer-controlled ship.


Pirates & Privateers: Multiplay AR game beschrijving



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