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Delivery: 2013, quarter 2

The Scanny app features the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology among other needed functions. It enables users to extract text from images and transform it into editable text. In addition, you can instantly share this text with your friends, family or colleagues. You can upload the information to Evernote and Dropbox and send or share the documents via social media.

In short, Scanny is a convenient scanning app that gives endless possibilities to manage, modify and share documents via social media.

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After some brainstorming on our app idea we had to find a suitable partner to develop it. We searched in google and came across DTT. I sent an e-mail to Jeffrey van Dijk with some discussion points and to my surprise I got a response from him within 15 minutes! It was on a Sunday! That was a positive note from the very beginning. During our co-operation the feedback was always very fast, the problems and questions were treated in a quickly. We found DTT to be a sincere, creative and collaborative partner who treats her clients in a friendly and personal way!


Thomas Detailleur, Owner

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