Van den Berg product information app overzicht
Delivery: 2018, quarter 2

Van den Berg Afvoerputten is a manufacturer that specializes in drains, shower traps, shower channels, edges and grids. The app offers technical support for both consumers and installers of sanitary on-site.

With the built-in search functionality and the product scanner, the user has quick access to all relevant product information. In addition to displaying the technical specifications of a certain product, the app also offers installation advice in the form of text and video. Furthermore, installers can find necessary products with the help of the product selection functionality. All this in a clear app with a sleek design.

In addition to this app solution, DTT is also working on the development of a new webshop for Van den Berg Afvoerputten, a webshop with an ordering environment especially for retailers. A package of beautiful solutions, all manageable from a single system.

For more information please visit the Van den Berg Afvoerputten website.

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