Wooninfo sustainable living app overzicht
Delivery: 2018, quarter 1

Together with !WOON, DTT develops the Wooninfo sustainable living app. !WOON is a foundation where tenants and homeowners can deal with complaints and questions regarding living. The app will help homeowners and tenants create awareness about sustainable living

The app is in fact a digital questionnaire which tenants and homeowners can fill in on a tablet with a help of !WOON volunteers. When answering the questions, users get tips on saving on gas, water and power consumption. In the end it becomes clear how much one can save on electricity, gas etc. !WOON can customize these questions and saving tips to match the appropriate sustainability trends and wishes of the users.

Curious about the possibilities of saving for yourself and residents? For more information, visit the WOON website


Wooninfo sustainable living app beschrijving


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