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Delivery: 2015, quarter 1

DTT developed the concept, design and a responsive website for Yoorsport. Yoorsport is a platform with user generated content on sports. The solution is divided into three categories, namely: various sports, teams and clubs. Pinterest and Facebook applications can be considert as important sources of inspiration in developing the Yoorsport solution. Users are able to share photos, videos and verious kinds of results (for matches, competition or sporting events) on the Yoorsport website. The website is fully responsive; it will be displayed properly on desktops, phones and tablets. Users can easily manage their profile, categories, sort and search for messages, people and tags in the database.

Yoorsport Website beschrijving



We have talked to a number of software developers and chose DTT. What distinguishes DTT from other developers is that they are very involved in the work they are doing and they give an honest opinion when necessary. This continued throughout the whole development process. Issues and questions were rapidly processed. After few discussions, meetings and email communication DTT has made a road map for the development of our business idea for the web, tablet and smartphones. Phase 1 of our responsive website was delivered on time, within budget. We found DTT to be a sincere, creative and collaborative partner who treats its clients in a very friendly and personal way!


David Edwards, Manager

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