DTT is going to move


DTT is going to move

It's been 2.5 years since DTT moved into the office on De Wittenstraat in Amsterdam. In 2.5 years we have made serious steps. We have worked with many new customers, achieved commercial success for our clients, achieved number one positions in the different app store rankings and publications for our (app) projects scored good on both the Internet, the radio, in magazines and in the (inter) national newspapers. Furthermore, we have grown from 2 workplaces on De Wittenstraat, to 12 workplaces on the Spuistraat.

We have always been satisfied with our current office but we look forward to our new location. A new location which will facilitate our ambition and growth. We expect to move in late August to the office on the Spuistraat 112, two minutes walk from the Royal Palace.

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