DTT launches sexual education app


DTT launches sexual education app

Middin sexual education app was published in the App Store this week.  The app handles all kinds of topics related to sexuality in men and women in a playful yet mature way. Such issues as contraception and STDs discussed, women can set up a push notification to swallow the pill in time.

The initiative for this app comes from Middin, an organization for everyone in society, regardless of disability or age. Middin daily helps more than 4,000 clients with intellectual, physical or multiple disabilities. DTT developed for Middin a complete app including concept, design and development of the native iOS and Android app.

Success stories of the Middin Sex Education app:

VGNMiddin lanceert app seksuele voorlichting
AD: App geeft seksuele voorlichting
NPHF: Middin lanceert app seksuele voorlichting
Skipr: Middin lanceert app seksuele voorlichting
Kennisplein gehandicaptensector IMiddin lanceert app seksuele voorlichting
Hetveiligehuis: Seksuele voorlichting-app: Lief en lijf
DTT blog: Pearls of media coverage
DTT blog: Press release: middin launches sex education app
DTT blog: DTT launches sexual education app

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