DTT partner of Valtifest!


DTT partner of Valtifest!

MTV and Meubelstukken present Valtifest 2012.

One day in your own parallel universe everyone will be happy and will have a lot of fun. When you can let go everything. This can happen on planet called Valtifest which is located next to Uranus. To make the story short, let's get out of here. Let's go!. We head to Valtifest 2012: Next To Uranus

Een dag in je eigen parallelle universum kunnen leven waar iedereen vrolijk is en veel plezier heeft. Waar je alles los kunt laten. Dit kan op planeet Valtifest, en die ligt naast Uranus! Kortom, wegwezen hier! Let's go! Op naar Valtifest 2012: Next To Uranus

DTT is proud to announce that we will develop an app for Valtifest 2012. Valtifest is one of the most awaited and most talked about festivals of the year. It is always anticipated and eagerly discussed. The app will inform the visitors about the 'line-up, map, calendar and much more!

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