Extended due to success: Tick Bite app


Extended due to success: Tick Bite app

100.000+ downloads, 500+ positive reviews and various number 1 positions in the app stores. It’s time to take a strong next step for the RIVM Tick bite app.

New functionalities and CMS

Last couple of years, the Tick bite app has informed loads of users about the tick, tick bites and the disease of Lyme. Also the tick alarm and the tick log have helped a lot of users with the prevention and treatment of tick bites.

Aside from the fresh new look, RIVM Tick bite app also received some new functionalities. Now it’s possible to directly navigate to the Lyme expertise centre. With help of the new CMS, the content can easily be adjusted and push notifications can be sent to users of the application.

Reactions of satisfied users

★★★★★ "Fantastic" -

''Very useful app, gives all information about tick bites."

★★★★★ "What's missing is a vaccine" 

''There can’t be enough attention for the disease of Lyme. What's missing is a vaccine."

★★★★★ "Fine' 

''It helped me/us twice now with a tick bite, that’s why it’s a useful app for me."

Download the new tick bite app now for Android and iOS.

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