GPS app solution for Amsterdam city


GPS app solution for Amsterdam city

As a company located on the Spuistraat - in Amsterdam downtown, we can positevly claim - the city center is very busy. Among other issues, the municipality points to hustle and disorder. To improve the situation, the government has devised an annual program called City in Balance. It is an experiment aimed to encourage and sponsor interested parties and city centre residents.

Amsterdam discovery challenge

As an Amsterdam app developer we also decided to support this initiative. We are working on a concept of a mobile app - the Amsterdam discovery challenge game, that will draw tourists from the center to other parts of the city. With this app, tourists will navigate through various routes along Amsterdam's attractions. The challenge or quiz is accessible within a maximum radius of 50 meters from the pin on the GPS map.  Users will have a map with the highlights of our beautiful capital. The information and challenges are presented in the form of a video, audio file, or a quiz game.  

And guess what? The municipality shares our enthusiasm and subsidizes our initiative as part of the City in Balance campaign!

Geocaching app solution

The principle of our initiative is called Geocaching. Does this sounds familiar to you? That's possible. Bafore we have developed the Hoes Geocaching game. A game for brand new students to get to know the university city. The success of this game has inspired us to take part in the City in Balance program. 

For more information about this project please visit the website.

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