New DTT office photoshoot


New DTT office photoshoot

After two years of hard work on the Spuistraat 112 it's time for something new. A new office at the St. Nicholas Street 9 to be exact, a stone's throw from Amsterdam Central Station and Dam Square.

DTT 2013 - 2017

Year 2013 2017
Office m²   40m²       375m²
Team           7             53
References 16 39
Countries' assets 19 140
Downloads <100.000 >2.000.000
Ratings <500 >10.000
Number 1 positions 0 >8
External financing € 0,- € 0,-

Growth came without external funding, financed totally from own revenues. It was possible thanks to successful deliveries to our clients.

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For those who are interested, here's another photoshoot from our old office on Spuistraat 112.

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