Now live: My Doppio loyalty app


Now live: My Doppio loyalty app

Save up for the best Doppio coffee? That's possible as of now with the new My Doppio Loyalty app.

Coffee fanatics, it is time for a small dance of joy, because coffee chain Doppio Espresso finally has its own loyalty app. The My Doppio app is a loyalty program in the form of a mobile application. The personalized newsfeed will always keep you up to date of the latest Doppio offers and news. The by DTT developed Doppio app has been commissioned by Fanly and can be compared with the Fanly, Sumo, Bagels & Beans and Sunflower loyalty apps.

The loyalty app makes it possible to save points with every Doppio purchase by scanningg a QR code on the Doppio receipt. Saved points can be exchanged for rewards, such as a free cup of coffee. The application has a leveling system, so the higher the level, the more interesting the rewards will become. It will also be possible add funds to your account in the near future, so keep an eye on the newsfeed!


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