Now live: the HHNK Clean Water game

The HHNK Clean Water game is now live! Fruit Ninja but then with tampons, baby wipes, and cigarettes. 

The HHNK Clean Water game 

Commissioned by the Dutch Noorderkwartier Water Board (HHNK), DTT developed the HHNK Clean Water game. The HHNK is a Dutch water board and every day the HHNK works to protect the land against water, nuisance, water shortage, and the purification of water. This is where the HHNK Clean Water game comes into play because not everyone knows what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet. With the HHNK Clean Water game, players have to decide what items can and cannot go down the toilet, thus the player becomes more aware of what can and cannot go down the toilet. 

In one week, the game has been played over 1400 times and has been shared almost 500 times. Curious about the HHNK Clean Water game? Play the game now on Facebook!

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