Now live: The Municipality of Medemblik public tender tool


Now live: The Municipality of Medemblik public tender tool

To streamline the public procurement within the municipality of Medemblik, DTT and the municipality of Medemblik have joined forces to create a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Proper procurement? That is what they do at the municipality of Medemblik

DTT developed a PWA (Progressive web app) for the municipality of Medemblik. A PWA is an app which is made with help of a responsive website. The PWA functions as a website on a desktop and can also be installed as an app for iPhone and Android. This way the staff members of the municipality of Medemblik always have a procurement tool in their hands. Furthermore, the PWA provides a series of advantages such as faster loading times, access to push notifications and working offline. The new progressive web app digitalised diverse public tender processes and converted them into one simple process. Step by step the tool guides its users through the different stages of the procurement.

More information on the municipality of Medemblik? Take a look at their website.


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