Refcom4all in Haarlems Dagblad


Refcom4all in Haarlems Dagblad

The RefCom4all app has made it to the newspaper. In the Haarlems Dagblad last week appeared the article / interview about the background and development of our hockey referee app.

Media attention everywhere

One of the recent apps from the DTT team RefCom4all was noticed by the media. As previously headlined "Better referees and less grumbling by ears". This time RefCom4all founders Ronald and Robert are interviewed by the Haarlem Dagblad. A quote: "Children should whistle with much more confidence and fun on the field." Confidence and fun, this is something we like to be engaged in as an app developer.

Be sure to read the whole article "Less frustration, more fun."

Success stories about RefCom4all app:

Haarlems Dagblad: Minder frustratie, meer plezier Betere scheidsrechters en minder gemopper door oortjes.
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