The Canteen Scan of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre is now live

Choosing the healthier option is being made easier with a predominantly healthy supply in every cafeteria.

Instant customized advice

DTT has collaborated with The Netherlands Nutrition Centre to develop the Canteen Scan. A Dutch app that supports organisations to design their school cafeterias, sport canteens and company restaurants in such a way to stimulate the decision to pick the healthier option.

Organizations receive immediate customized advice after completion with the Canteen Scan. The scan in the app consists of filling out various questionnaires, uploading pictures and specifying the products shown in the pictures. Based on the inserted information, the organisations receive a rating in the shape of a score report. This report shows how healthy the food supply of the establishment is and what can be improved. When the establishment meets the guidelines of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre, it receives a review including a bronze, silver, gold or ideal medal. The organization can then request a certificate of proof and will receive this after inspection of the obtained information by The Netherlands Nutrition Centre.

Try the Canteen Scan here.

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