The Doula labor coach app: proclaimed as a trustworthy app.


The Doula labor coach app: proclaimed as a trustworthy app.

The Doula labor coach app helps women worldwide during their labor. This initiative didn’t go unnoticed and the app was mentioned in ‘’het Tijdschrift voor de Verloskundige’’ (the magazine for obstetricians), the magazine of the KNOV (Royal Dutch Organization for Obstetricians).

The Magazine for Obstetricians

‘’Every few minutes a day someone is going into labor.’’, Marijke Sibie explains in the magazine. Het Tijdschrift voor de Verloskundige  (the magazine for obstetricians) is an informative magazine that discusses all topics regarding pregnancy, labor, and obstetrics. In the article ‘’Innovatie door verloskundigen’’ (innovations by obstetricians the Doula Labor Coach app together with the Zwangerhap app from the Voedingscentrum (nutrition centrum) and ZwApp are mentioned as reliable apps. The article discusses the success of the Doula app, which was created in cooperation with Marijke Sibie (obstetrician), and the way the app has helped women from all over the world. 

Read the article (in Dutch) here and download the Doula Labour Coach app on iOS or Android.

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