The Gotcha! app is now live


The Gotcha! app is now live

Even after more than 2 years, the KNHS Dressage app is still extremely popular. Last weekend the KNHS Dressage app achieved the #1 spot for best paid sports app in the App Store.


Peeking on someone else’s phone, it’s probably happened to you or maybe you have peeked once before yourself. But from now on, phone intruders will no longer go unnoticed thanks to the Gotcha! app.

The on boarding starts as soon as you launch the app. First fill in your e-mail address and make pictures of your face from different angles. Due to the ‘facial recognition’ function, Gotcha! will know if it is you or someone else that wants to unlock your phone. When someone else tries to unlock your phone, you will automatically receive a report via mail.

Do you have an overly curious friend? With Gotcha! you will catch the intruder instantly!

The Gotcha! app is now available for Android in the Google Play Store.







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