DTT apps: thousands of downloads daily


DTT apps: thousands of downloads daily

We love to see that our work is appreciated and the best proof of it are hard numbers. For example, in the form of good reviews, top positions in the app stores or the positive reception worldwide. What else?

Daily downloads

The number of DTT apps downloads varies weekly. One thing is certain: 10,000 is regularly traced. Are you a little skeptical? See for yourself! The image of this blog shows the number of downloads per day, week, month and quarter achieved with our account in iTunes.

We do not forget anything...

Certainly! A reader with keen observation will notice 'our account in iTunes' in the previous paragraph. What does that mean? The downloads that we mention here include iPhone and iPad apps on our own account. The apps developed by DTT which are on the other accounts and the Android downloads are not yet included in this number.

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