Now live: VoNo for Wear OS

Never wanting to forget another thought? The VoNo Wear OS app is now live.

Voice Memo and Voice-to-Text Memo

After the success of the VoNo app (downloads in 149 countries) for mobile, we introduce the VoNo app for Wear OS. Wear OS is an operating system for smartwatches and other wearables. Through Wear OS you can connect your smartwatch to your Android phone and use the functions of your phone on your smartwatch. 

With the VoNo Wear OS app, you are one click away from sending memos and voice memos to yourself. Use Voice Memo to record audio messages and send them to yourself via email. With a Voice-to-Text memo, you can easily transform your words into text. 

iOS users, don’t worry as the VoNo app is being developed to support Apple Watch. Download VoNo now on Android or iOS.

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