Welcome University of Twente


Welcome University of Twente

The year 2019 will be closed with a new client on board: the University of Twente.

Zelfcompassie (Self Compassion)

The faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS) at the University of Twente and DTT will work together to develop a self-compassion app. When a person gets the diagnose of cancer, it has a great impact on their life. To offer a reaching hand in these hard times, the self-compassion app is being developed. Self-compassion is all about having a mild, warm and friendly attitude towards yourself in difficult times. With self-compassion you take a moment to think about your pain and sadness (instead of cropping it all up) and you react to it with friendliness (instead of being strict and critical of yourself).  

Further details about the app cannot be given yet, but we can reveal that it will become a worthy result. Want to know more about self-compassion with cancer? Read more here (Dutch).

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