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Delivery: 2016, quarter 4

Aslan Music Centre is a place where musical talent is developed. Besides music and dance programs, Aslan also offer actions and performances both on their own site and at schools. In 2016, in cooperation with DTT, Aslan made an important step in the further development. The problem to be solved was the following: how could Aslan motivate their students to be involved with music outside the classroom? DTT and Aslan worked closely together to optimally reach the target group with an app solution. 

This application aims to stimulate interaction between students. How? Students can express their opinion on each other's music and even rate each other. Thus the student can practice playing for a crowd. Perfect experience for a performance! Students give and receive feedback and so they can improve their performance. If a student has difficulty with one aspect it will show, so the teacher can give this more attention during the next lesson. With push notifications students will stay always informed and won't miss anything new about videos or ratings.

Aslan music school app beschrijving



"DTT has developed apps for Aslan Music Center that teaches students to make music. DTT works very quickly, is easily accessible and thinks along with you. The aftercare is completed as expected. DTT has delivered a clear, user-friendly and reliable app.’’

Anne Boer, Education Specialist

Success stories of the Aslan muziekschool app:

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