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Delivery: 2016, quarter 1

Find a new house in a fun and easy way with the new Blokster app. Filter out the houses by number of rooms, location or the price. Swipe left or right to check the houses shown, according to your preferences. 

Every house has it's own detail page with valuable information. The user can make an appointment to see the new house or sign-up for an open door day. Activate push notifications to receive a message when the next open door day will take place.

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The experience we had with DTT as an app developer is very positive. They have a great ability to quickly and efficiently turn a joint idea into an actual working app. It is a proper challenge to develop a good concept with two independent housing cooperations in Amsterdam, Eigen Haard and The Alliance. With the commitment, expertise and pragmatic hands-on approach, DTT's work is beyond expectation. Through good, direct and precise communication we have created a great product in a very short time. Recommended.

Bouke Molenkamp, Manager Zakelijke Markten

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