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In-house distribution
Delivery: 2017, quarter 4

The Build@School app is an initiative under the name of Bouwend Nederland to kindle high school students' interest for construction. The app is in line with the national multiannual 'Instroom' program, introduced under the name of 'Modern Employership' in schools. In short, students are brought into contact with people from the (construction) sector. A mission that DTT likes to take part in.

The focus of the game is on interactivity with classmates and the game supervisor. Students in teams are challenged by means of a knowledge quiz, an interactive calculation game and a building game. The Build@School tool will be used in classrooms. There is one game leader who can supervise the game through a web dashboard and see the results. The content of the game is also fully manageable through a content management system (CMS).

For more information, check out the website of Bouwend Nederland.

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