EFOX Parkinson’s Exercises app overzicht
Delivery: 2013, quarter 2

DTT developed the Parkinson Home Exercises app for the European Foundation for Health and Exercise. The app is devised for people suffering from Parkinson disease. Using this app, they can daily perform new exercises to improve their mobility.

The Parkinson Home Exercises app offers over 55 videos of highly efficient home exercises with advices and instructions. A built-in metronome with a vibration and sound effects will support the patient in the rhythmic activities and exercises. The application is available in Dutch, French and English. There is a high possibility it will be available in Italian and Spanish in the future.

The app is released by Parkinson Vereniging and Parkinsonnet.

More information about European Foundation for Health and Exercises can be found on their website

EFOX Parkinson’s Exercises app beschrijving



Since 2012 we have been doing business with DTT to develop our Parkinson Exercises Android app in different languages. We work from a non-profit foundation with charitable objectives and in the beginning we had a lot of budget-friendly solutions. After DTT has converted our first iOS app into Android app, they became our go-to developer for Android versions of our app in multiple languages. The latest French version has a more complex development challenge with an in-app purchase and code access system. DTT has quickly and efficiently implemented it. Employees are flexible, work good and fast and respond promptly to emails and phone calls. Overall, a good company with excellent employees.

Erwin van Wegen, Senior researcher Neurorehabilitation

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