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Completion: 2018, quarter 4

Flip Puzzle is an ‘in-house’ project from our own Unity team. We like to experiment with new game mechanics at DTT and that’s how we thought of Filp Puzzle. Flip Puzzle is a 2D sidescroller puzzle game. To clear the levels, the player has to make Flip, the main protagonist, ‘flip’ upside down and back. The game has a (randomized) level generator that bases the difficulty on the level and experience of the player. So the longer you play, the more challenging and complex the levels will become.

The main element of Flip Puzzle is the level editor, with the level editor players can:

  • Build their own levels by adding platforms, locks, keys, moving objects, treasure chests, obstacles and goals.
  • Alter the size, name and visuals of the levels.
  • Share their built levels with the Flip Puzzle Community.

Play the levels that you have built yourself or the levels that have been made and shared by others. The built levels can be played locally (offline) or online. Every level will receive a rating based on: the completion rate, play count and how recent the level is. Will your creation become the level with the highest rating?

Are you curious what it would be like to ‘flip’? Then download the app for iOS or Android.

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Success stories of the Flip Puzzle app:

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