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First delivery: 2021, quarter 2

Venture through space and discover different planets on Fly Me To The Stars. On Fly Me To The Stars you have the ability to explore the galaxy in Virtual Reality. The adventure begins on earth; the exact location will be determined by geolocation. Go for a walk across the globe or travel through space. Your goal is to create as many constellations as possible by joining stars together. Doing this will unlock new planets and constellations. Discover the entire galaxy with Fly Me To The Stars.

Have you bought a star on Online Star Register yet? It allows you to view your own star in Virtual Reality. Simply enter the code of your star to view this in VR. Fly Me To The Stars has more to offer aside from viewing your star, such as star customization. You are able to adjust the color, brightness and size of your star to make it even more personal. Explore the universe, visit all planets in our galaxy, unlock new planets by completing constellations and customize your own star. Lastly, Fly Me To The Stars allows you to create a 360-degree panorama of your view in Virtual Reality, which you can use to share your progress with friends and family.

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