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Delivery: 2016, quarter 4

Pokémon GO: you either love it or hate it. One way or another, you couldn't missed this trend. This also applies to us. Introducing: GeoChat Pokémon radar, gym and player chat. If you're familiar with the game, you know what we're talking about. In case you are not familiar, we will explain briefly.

In Pokémon GO game the user tries to become the best trainer of all time by capturing as many Pokémons as possible, thereby defeating 'gyms'. The user can join a gym if he or she is near here. The goal is to have as much gyms as possible. So the user can receive rewards every 21 hours, the more gyms are owned, the more rewards the user gets.

So, what's missing? The initiators of the GeoChat app want to create a platform for Pokemon GO users where they can communicate with each other. This is especially relevant now when the users get the opportunity to trade Pokémon with each other! The idea of the app is a chat based on the location of the users of Pokémon GO. So users can forge a plan or take several gyms or start "Pokéchats' for other purposes. As a user, you can chat with other trainers in your area. In short, a chat app with hot theme based on your current location.

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