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Delivery: 2016, quarter 4

In collaboration with HG we are making a global webshop where consumers can order HG products and check latest promotions. In the longer term, it will also be a platform where consumers can search for information and tips about the use of all HG products. DTT is also responsible for the redesign and restyle of the current store. The shop will be responsive, which means it will be properly displayed on desktops, phones, and tablets.

Apart from the webshop, we have made other projects for HG, see HG order app, HG sales app and HG order portal.

Visit the HG website for more info.

HG webshop beschrijving



"We were looking for a specialist, that could guarantee speed, transparency and quality of service and product and think along with the client! DTT has managed well to deliver the first project, a sales app for our international branches.

We decided to give our second project, a web portal for our international customers, to DTT as well. I am curious whether DTT will manage to succeed here. After all, as they say "You're only as good as your last game", so you have to prove yourself over and over again!

Project 3 (a second Sales app) and project 4 (a complete new website) are still on the drawing board, so .......!? "

Johan G. Gelderblom, Director Finance, Administrative Organisation and Information Technology

Success stories of the HG webshop:

DTT blog: HG Webshop: Is now live!


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