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Completion: 2019, quarter 1

Purveyor of the royal household Hoefnagels is an expert on safety and fire-resistant sealing. Since 1985 Hoefnagels has pursued a focus on developing fire-resistant doors. With great success, as their fire resistant doors are installed in nearly every public building.

Hoefnagels is seeking to improve and optimize the information flow between export partners and their sales department. An export partner is usually a company or a person within a company who places orders for fireproof products. The sales department of Hoefnagels then approves the order and commences the export process.

In the past Hoefnagels used to process this manually through the mail. However they’ve chosen to automate this process and picked DTT to help them achieve that. Of course at DTT we were thrilled to tackle this challenge. We developed two platforms for Hoefnagels: the Export Portal and the Partner Portal.

The Partner portal was developed for partners of Hoefnagels. Once registered, partners can order fireproof products on the CMS. Partners will see an overview displaying what is ordered and when.

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