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Delivery: 2017, quarter 1

Masena Invest wants to help people around the world by developing high-quality medical products. User experience and convenience play an important role. In short, Masena invests in the development of reliable products. Driven by beliefs as 'everything can be better' and 'less is more', Masena is always looking for a streamlined improvement.

DTT is also open for a streamlined improvement. Therefore, DTT and Masena collaborate on the development of the iProvèn app. The app establishes connection with a thermometer and blood pressure monitor from Masena via Bluetooth, making the app a convenient and highly user-friendly data collector. The app also has a direct connection with the independent medical system called Validic. What's next? Adding more measuring instruments in the future!

The application has a broad target group including patients and the elderly. This is obviously taken into account when designing the user interface.

To know more about the client Masena Invest, visit their website.

iProvèn eHealth app beschrijving


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