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Developing an app that is aimed at children requires a particular approach. For example, extra attention must be paid to the user-friendliness, safety and educational value of the application. Are you looking for a partner for your app concept? You’ve found us! We have the expertise to develop an app suited for usage by children. Our team would be happy to think along with you on how your concept can grow into a successful application that satisfies the needs of both parents as well as children. Whether it is an exciting game, an innovative e-learning tool or a completely new idea, at DTT we know how we can help your organisation. Curious about the possibilities of kids apps for your organisation? Feel free to contact us.

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Web - Unity

Air Defence serious game

MBO Heroes - DTT apps
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Web - API - CMS

MBO Heroes

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Android - iOS - Unity - Hybride

Litter Challenge app

Hoes geocaching game - DTT apps
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iPhone – Android – API – CMS

Hoes geocaching game

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iOS - Android - API – CMS - Unity

Edu Play Book

Bouwend Nederland e-learning tool - DTT apps
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Tablet – API – CMS

Bouwend Nederland e-learning tool

King Penguin - Greenpeace AR - DTT apps
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Unity – iPhone – Android – API – CMS

King Penguin

Greenpeace app

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Unity – iPhone – iPad – Android – Tablet – API

OSR Star Finder 2.0

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iOS - Android - Unity

Fly Me to the Stars VR

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iPad – Tablet – API – CMS

Thuis bij Muis

reading app

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Android - iOS - Web - API

HHNK Clean Water Facebook game

Joost Gunterman

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