KPMG Fine app II overzicht
In-house distribution
Delivery: 2015, quarter 3

KPMG Fine II app solution is an extension of the KPMG Fine app project that was successfully launched in 2013. KPMG Fine app informs companies about critical risk areas on international laws and regulations. After going through an interactive and intelligent questionnaire, the user gets a 'heat map' with the position of his business.

KPMG Fine app solution is upgraded with:

  • The possibility to manage content (questionnaires / content / users) of the app through a CMS (server solution)
  • Multiple admin levels for the solution, so that the various divisions, areas of expertise, countries and regions can create and set their own version of the app
  • Multiple output models, including a spider chart, heat map, gauge chart and a Gartner magic quadrant
  • Log-in mechanism on the iPad for different types of users, depending on the user, certain data will be displayed
  • Share the reports with the customer and within the KPMG organization
  • A version of the app is available in the app store for the benefit of lead generation

The results of the questionnaire provide the KPMG consultant and the client with the necessary tools to define the desired path to get to an acceptable level of risk. DTT has taken care of this project for both the design and the development of the app and server solution.

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"DTT has helped us twice. First, DTT devised a prototype for an app and when this was well received, they made a fully dynamic version of the app. Our needs and requirements were not easy to fulfill, but during the pleasant co-operation we have come to a good design that satisfied both parties. In the implementation phase DTT came up with good proposals for the app, but also gave us good advice on how we could position our app within the organization. It is amazing how our complex scoring model was so easily implemented, so our non-technical colleagues can manage this through the back end."

Patrick Özer, Senior Manager Forensic Technology

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