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Delivery: 2018, quarter 2

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) DTT developed KvK Start2Import e-learning app. The purpose of this solution is to inform entrepreneurs and start-ups how to import goods. This is done through import missions. These import missions include audio, video or text elements and end up with a quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to check whether the user has understood the information correctly. Different import missions are available for each continent and country.

The solution also contains gamification elements. The user receives points for a successful completion of import missions. In the national ranking list, the user can see his score and position in relation to other users. This acts as a stimulating factor to complete more import missions. In addition, users can share achieved import missions and scores with friends or other users. The content of the app is fully manageable via a CMS system.

For more information please visit Chamber of Commerce website.

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