My Tentoo adaptive webdesign overzicht
Delivery: 2015, quarter 2

Tentoo specializes in handling the administrative and financial obligations regarding the payment of salaries since 1992. DTT has re-designed their website and added the function to login to the user panel. The main aim of the redesign was to adapt the website for mobile devices. Thus, operations such as read data- and perform administrative tasks, will be easier to handle.

With the new design, text lines will automatically adjust to the width of the device screen, making texts legible. In addition, special toolbars make it easily to scroll tables without affecting the rest of the website. Moreover, the attractiveness of the website got a boost, because of color accents and user interface optimizations.

Visit Tentoo website for additional information. 

My Tentoo adaptive webdesign beschrijving



We have asked DTT to re-design the My Tentoo hour declaration system for our customers. DTT has made a high-end desktop, tablet and mobile design, while taking into account our customer requirements. The cooperation was good and constructive.

Patrick Blom, Manager Marketing and Communication

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