UWV E-learning game overzicht
Delivery: 2012, quarter 4

DTT has developed two attractive and inspiring Flash games for the Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes - UWV (commissioned by Demaré). In these two games information about the labor market is provided in an easy and fun way.

Jobhunters and Jobmatchers have different missions to complete. In Jobhunter the players needs to find a suitable job for the character. The game begins with a maze, where you need to find your way and collect various items related to work. This can be a good CV, contacts and social media. The more items you find, the more points are given. In later levels the maze gets bigger and therefore it is more challenging to complete the mission. In this way a job seeker learns all the aspects involved in the search for work in a fun way.

The Jobmatcher is a memory game where players must ensure that all preparations for the ideal interview are done. It describes several people who are looking for a job in a specific sector. As the game progresses, the memory area will be larger and therefore it will be more difficult to score enough points within the time limit. The goal for the user is to remember as much the relevant information as possible. This teaches job seekers to fully prepare a real life job interview.


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