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Delivery: 2017, quarter 2

Vita Talalay, also known as Radium Foam, is a company that specializes in making natural and innovative mattresses. It is a fine product that provides a perfect support for your back and is soft and offers optimal ventilation. For Vita Talalay, DTT develops three different apps: 1. The training app for participants, 2. The training app for the presenter and 3. An app to use at exhibitions. Check the Vita Talalay Virtual Reality training app.

The Vita Talalay Fair app is a tool for visitors of various exhibitions. For example, they can find information about the company's origin, certificates, production process and the benefits of a Vita Talalay bed. In this way, the visitor gets acquainted with the company and its products in a fun, smart and interactive way. The app has a clear interface and an easy navigation for the user.

Visit the Vita Talalay website for more information.

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