Wimbo Volvo Classics overzicht
Delivery: 2014, quarter 1

DTT has designed and developed a responsive website for Wimbo Volvo  Classics. The website has a collection with a wide variety of classic Volvo cars to buy, Volvo fairs announcements, advice and guidance on buying or selling Volvo cars, repair and purchase spare parts.

The website is responsive and will display nicely in different browsers on computers, tablets and smartphones. This has a positive effect on the visibility of the website in the search engines which ultimately ensures a higher conversion ratio.

For example, the website has an excellent organic findability on keywords like:

  • Volvo oldtimer
  • Volvo classics
  • Volvo klassieker te koop

This success in search results helped company to grow, and now the company stock is 50 Volvo cars, as compared to six cars four years ago. 

For more information about Wimbo Volvo Classics visit the website

Wimbo Volvo Classics beschrijving



My young company has experienced a noticeable progress after the delivery of the well designed site. We achieved a high-quality result! Judging from the positive reactions from the customers, we can be proud of our work. Our co-operation resulted in a catchy website and it's a pleasure to the eyes! The number of visitors regularly go over 100 per day. We also see this in the number of new clients who visit our garage. Comparing with the old website, the new one is a noticeable difference. It was more than a worthy investment.

Wim Bottinga, Owner

Success stories about the Volvo website:

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