There are always ways to improve life, especially when looking at healthcare. In the world of apps, it’s not only about technology but also about people. Technology has thus found its way into healthcare. Healthcare is more and more supported and improved with the use of digital applications, this is also called eHealth. eHealth has become a crucial part of healthcare and the well-being of patients. Healthcare applications are an indispensable tool in the care and welfare of users and patients. 

Which types of healthcare apps are most often used?

Apps contribute to healthcare in these 3 aspects:

  1. Information 
  2. Communication
  3. E-learning

17 examples of healthcare apps 

Below we would like to share some examples of healthcare apps from the DTT portfolio, these examples vary depending on their framework and objectives. Every solution has its own problem definition. We would gladly listen to your goals and ideas. We will listen to your desires, we’ll talk about our experiences and provide you with new insights and advice. With our experience in developing apps, we are able to advise about the possibilities, when we come to the conclusion of developing a healthcare app we will directly start creating the app. To give you an idea about some healthcare apps, we present the following 17 eHealth apps. 


The Ziekenhuisbedchecker was urgently developed by the request of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport regarding the corona crisis. The Ziekenhuisbedchecker makes the capacity of the Dutch healthcare system comprehendible by showing an overview of available hospital beds, nursing home beds, and emergency room beds. The solution is set up as a PWA (Progressive Web App) which means that the solution performs well on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.The application is available for every healthcare provider. The Ziekenhuisbedchecker was ordered to be developed with urgency, but that was no problem for DTT. Read the testimonial of the ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport.

View the Ziekenhuisbedcheker PWA.

Erasmus MC Clinical Challenge 

With the Erasmus MC Clinical Challenge app students can prepare for physical examinations. The app is a wonderful tool for medical students to practice their knowledge and skills. Every case can be prepared with the help of multiple-choice questions and video material. At the end of every case, the score will be calculated which allows the student to see their progress. The solution was created in close collaboration with  Erasmus MC. 

Kuraray Noritake rating app

Kuraray Noritake makes high-end dentistry products. For Kuraray Noritake, DTT developed the Kuraray Noritake app. The app was specifically developed for usage on fairs and is a data-gathering tool that assesses the quality of products. The gathering of data is done in an offline environment. Through a synchronization system, all ratings and reviews are uploaded on the webshop. The development of  Kuraray Noritake had a strict deadline. Curious about how DTT handled this? Read the testimonial of Kuraray Noritake

H2: RIVM Tekenbeet app

Ticks can be quite annoying when you want to enjoy springtime out of town. Their bites not only bring discomfort but can also transmit serious diseases that have a severe effect on your body - Lyme disease. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has asked DTT to develop an app. The app is developed to inform people about the danger of tick bites, help them avoid it, or even remove the tick. Users of the RIVM Tickbite appare now walking through the woods with fewer worries. 

Download the Tick bite app on iOS or Android.

iProvèn eHealth app

Masena Invest produces high-quality medical products all over the world. In collaboration with DTT, they brought their Proven eHealth app on the market. It is a user-friendly data collector for their products; a thermometer and a blood pressure meter. These products are connected via Bluetooth and with an independent monitoring system of patients. The goal is to significantly improve healthcare and to make the patients' information available to their doctors in an easy and organized way. 

EFOX Parkinson app 

Patients with Parkinson's disease can suffer from severe pains caused by disorders in the musculoskeletal system. Sometimes, it is even difficult to smile. The EFOX Parkinson’s exercise app helps patients by providing them with daily exercises. These exercises will have a positive effect on the maintenance of their mobility. The app includes videos with exercises, motion advice, and instructions for daily usage. The metronomic function also helps with exercises and other rhythmic movements. 

RIVVM Respondent Driven Sampling

Prevention is better than healing but prevention starts with research. The RIVM RDS Software helps researchers of the RIVM and its research partners with finding difficult to reach target groups and the examination of social networks. This survey software is specifically designed for Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) research, where individuals are asked to fill in an online questionnaire and send the same questionnaire to their own contacts afterwards. With the results, estimations on how often certain risk factors, risky behavior, or illnesses occur by people of this certain target group. 


Good respiration balances your life, physically and mentally. With theBreathBalanz method, you learn how to improve your breathing pattern, because with balanced respiration you will sleep better, you’ll have more energy, and increase your immune system. You train your respiration with the aid of an 80-days training program. Your respiratory rate is measured by a Bluetooth driven sensor. Every week your made improvements are registered in the app, this way you can see and feel your progress.

Download the Breathbalanz app for iOS or Android. More BreathBalanz? Visit the BreathBalanz website.

St. Jude Medical app

What keeps doctors sharp? A medical quiz called St. Jude Medical education game! Doctors are challenged with various medical problems in a form of a text, image, or video. Doctors must decide in which case the patient needs treatment. The game app was created especially for the EuroPCR fair in Paris, the scores of specialists were seen on a big screen.

Doula Labor Coach app

A doula is an experienced person who supports women during childbirth. If you haven't found one yet, there is an application that can serve as a doula: the Doula Labor Coach. The gentle voice of obstetrician Marijke and calming music guide the mother-to-be through her labor and help ease the contractions. The Doula app is available in 8 languages and many users have expressed the helpfulness and usefulness of the app. The midwives of the Birth Centre Amsterdam recommend the app and the app is in the top 5 of national pregnancy apps. 

Download the Doula Labor Coach app for iOS or Android


How do you provide sex education to people with mental, physical, or multiple disabilities? An accessible and effective way is the Middin Sexual education app. All vital topics are covered: from STDs to the rights and obligations of a future father. With push notifications, users are reminded to take their contraception pills. A  fun factor is also very important in this issue. That's why there is an exciting condom game.


The JellinekMinnesota app is used to connect the old-participants of the Minnesota treatment. This way they can encourage each other when needed. The Minnesota treatment helps men and women in the Netherlands to quit their alcohol-, drugs- and gambling addiction. Old-participants can find a buddy on the app to talk to when they feel like they need a little extra support. There is also the option to share status updates. 


In collaboration with RIVM, DTT has developed the Fruitbuit app. The focus of the app was mainly userfiendliness and speed. The main idea of the app is to increase fruit consumption among employees. The app will remind the RIVM staff to order fresh fruits for the next day. The user can indicate where they want the fruits to be delivered. The money will be withdrawn from their credit balance which can be refilled with the iDeal payment system. 


A healthy offer stimulates healthy choices. De Kantinescan (The Canteen Scan) of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre helps organizations to design their school, sports, or business canteens so that healthy food choices are stimulated. By using the scan, which consists of questionnaires, taking pictures, and naming the products in the pictures, the user will get a recommendation in the form of a health-score summary. Within this summary, the user can read how healthy the supply of the canteen is and where improvements can be made. If the canteen meets the guidelines of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, the user will receive a review including a medal of bronze, silver, gold, or “ideal”. Thereafter, the user can request a certificate and will receive this after control of the data by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre. Read the positive testimonial of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre

Welzorg Pechhulp app

For Welzorg, DTT developed the Welzorg Pechhulp app. With the app, people of age that still ride their mobility scooter can easily call for help when a deficiency occurs. Because the app is made for a generation that isn’t used to doing everything on a smartphone, the app design is very simple and user friendly. 

RSR Pechhulp app

Some people have reached ‘’old age’’. Luckily, there are enough resources to stop the effect of old age, for example, a mobility scooter. However, it’s always possible that the mobility scooter breaks down. The RSR Pechhulp app comes to the rescue. Clients can easily contact the nearest customer service and get help in case of a breakdown. 


Let’s talk about sex. Even better, let’s make a game out of it. Hoes geocaching game is intended to inform students about safe sex. Because think about it, all those first-year university students getting it on in the introduction weeks can cause a lot of STD misery. Users are involved in addictive games, quests, and challenges that talk about the dangers of STDs. Informative, fun, and entertaining!

Your healthcare app

Would you want your app to be the 18th healthcare app on this list? Contact us today for an informal conversation. Together we discuss the possibilities, your goals, and we answer all your questions about your application idea. Let's improve healthcare through our expertise and your healthcare app.