1000+ reviews – average score of 4.6 - €5.49 per download


1000+ reviews – average score of 4.6 - €5.49 per download

The KNHS dressage app offers horse riders the chance to optimally prepare for a competition. This month the app on iTunes has passed the 1000 reviews, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5.

App delivers top performance

KNHS (Royal Dutch Horse Riding Sports Federation) organizes the official competitions for various horse rider disciplines. During a race, horse riders have to perform specific and detailed exercises. DTT has developed in cooperation with KNHS the KNHS dressage app, which offers support to horse riders during their preparation for competitions. The app went live in 2016 and is currently number 5 in the App Store in the category of sports, an achievement to be proud of. Previously the app was number 1 for a week, in the category of best paid apps.

Amazing reviews

Horse riders are very satisfied with the KNHS dressage app, over a 1000 users have rated the app on iTunes with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 points. We are happy to share a small selection of the (Dutch) reviews:

Pony plezier: “App. Very fun app my pony and I are riding them the whole day”

Bel12123: “Handy and complete.The app is very clear. The option to narrate your own exercises, so you can play them later on, I think is a very nice touch. It is a handy app in which everything about the exercises can be found”

Phantom 63: Perfect app. Excellent app meets all expectations.

Curious about the KNHS dressage app? Download the app for € 5.49 in iTunes or the Google Play Store.

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