Bagels & Beans: on its way towards 4000 ratings

The Bagels & Beans loyalty app is rapidly on its way to 4000 ratings. The loyalty app has been available on Android and iOS since 2018 and has already received 3954 ratings. In addition to that, the app scores an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Bagels & Beans loyalty app

The Bagels & Beans loyalty app offers Bagels & Beans fans the opportunity to collect points for rewards, such as a free cup of coffee or a Bagels & Beans mug. Besides, users can easily top up their balance in the app and pay directly from the app.

Even in times of corona, the app is still very useful for saving points. Users can scan the barcode on their receipt themselves when they order takeaway or stop by to grab a coffee-to-go and redeem their points. 

Positive reviews from users

Below we would like to present a hand-full of positive reviews from satisfied users of the Bagels & Beans loyalty app:

★★★★★  - Great app
‘’Great app with which you can easily save for Bagels & Beans products. Now that a store has also been opened in Bergen op Zoom, saving pints becomes even easier. This means I’m going to enjoy a delicious bagel and a cup of coffee even more often!"

★★★★★ - This app will help keep you up-to-date
"Always cozy and everything is fresh. Friendly service at B&B. And with this app, you stay informed. And every visit to B&B provides you with a nice gift, with the savings program. Great."

★★★★★ - Well thought out app 
"Well thought out app. You get a receipt when you pay, and you can scan the barcode on it later (when it’s convenient) so that the points are added. Today was the first time I used my points for a free product, and it worked well. 

★★★★★ - Happily surprised 
"Downloaded this app to put some money on it for my daughter’s birthday. She was pleasantly surprised, and it works super simple!"

Download the Bagels & Beans loyalty app now in the App Store or the Google Play Store

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