Holidays ahead and a 2015 retrospective


Holidays ahead and a 2015 retrospective

2015 is coming to an end, 2016 is approaching. In 2015 DTT has undergone rapid development on many fronts. A good time to draw up the balance.


The number of workplaces has more than doubled in 2015, from about 14 workplaces in January to 32 workstations in December. There are now more than 40 people bind by contract at DTT. We have full time contracts, part-time contracts, trainee contracts and two zero-hours contracts. We are proud to mention that this year again a large number of trainees became contracted members of our company.


The growth in capacity has been accompanied by a growth in quality. We have brought our work to a higher level, in 2016 we will continue to do so. Also, users get to appreciate the applications made by DTT. Many of the apps DTT score above 4 stars in iTunes and Google Play, a result to be proud of. Our new website should reflect this increase in quality.


In addition to a serious increase in the number of orders from new clients, we have never received such a large number of repeat orders from our existing clients. Another result to be proud of. The feedback from clients on our reference page endorse this development.

Holidays ahead

On behalf of the entire team of DTT we wish everyone happy holidays. DTT is closed between Christmas and New Year, so we can recharge for the coming 2016.

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